MASHED MYTHS was born out of the desire to help Andrew’s youngest son pick up a book and read. So getting kids reading (especially reluctant readers) is at the very heart of Mashed Myths.

Research from Scholastic shows that kids want funny books. That’s what parents want too, to have their children reading and laughing.

Determined to write a book kids would love, we took the first 30 pages of MASHED MYTHS into 5 schools where over 200 kids aged between 7 and 12 read it and gave us feedback.

They laughed which was fantastic but they also told us to put in quizzes, things to do and make it a book they could dip in and out of rather than having to read from beginning to end. So that’s what we've done and the feedback from the kids has been fantastic, they LOVE MM!

Farts for Good - Everyone deserves to be able to read

One of the best ways out of poverty and disadvantage is through education. As well as getting kids reading, we also really want to help disadvantaged kids improve their lives through books.

There are plenty of fart jokes in MASHED MYTHS: Greek Heroes, so we decided to invent Farts for Good. That is part of the profit of every Mashed Myths book will go to the fantastic children’s literacy charity, Book Aid International.